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Good partnership makes us stronger and makes you better.


Off-Shore Manufacturing Services

Off-shore manufacturing is an integral part of our supply chain management. Our strategic alliance with a reputable contract manufacturer in China enables us to transfer the high volume, complex assemblies off-shore and provides significant cost reduction to customer without any interruption or delay to production. This is feasible by precise execution, concurring manufacturing and identical surface-mount equipments in both factories. Notwithstanding the product is being produced off-shore, Adcotron continues to assume the customer interface and program management role in the stateside.


Engineering Services

Our engineering partner provides design service from ASIC, FPGA, PCB layout, mechanical, PCB assembly to complete product. It also offers full range of software design and testing services. By collaborating with our customer and engineering partner in the early stage of product design or redesign, the joint efforts facilitate manufacturability, testability, production ramp up and time-to-market of the product.

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